Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Reading Assignment for MAY 23-26:  Chapters 11- 12

Mrs. Meeker quotes her husband, saying that "In war, the dead pay the debts for the living.  What does she mean by this? 

* Use evidence from the text to support your answer; include page numbers and quotes from the book.

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  1. Emily Nasiff #21c

    On page 167 Betsy names several men who had died, and when a debt is something that is owed or due, that leads me to believe that this statement means, In war the only way the fighters can fell good or closer to wining means someone has to die.

  2. Connor 8c

    I think that what Mrs. Meeker meant was: in order for the other team to win (or become closer to winning), people have to die. My reasoning is that debt means something you owe. In order to contribute to war, you owe the deaths of your enemy.

  3. Teresa #4c

    When Mrs. Meeker quotes her husband, by saying that "In war, the dead pay the debts for the living." I think she means that debt is something you owe. So she most likely means that the dead are paying the price for the living to be free in this instance.

  4. Valerie Burgess #5-C

    On page 167, Mother tells Tim “In war, the dead pay the debts for the living.” I believe that Mother meant one main thing when he said that. Mother meant that people who have been fighting for your life have to “pay” for all the mistakes that people who are still alive have made.

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  6. When Mrs. Meeker quotes what her husband said, I thought that she meant that in order for others to have a better life, people have to die. They mey also have to die for the other side to win/become closer to winning. I think this, because like what everyone else said, debt means to owe someone else something.

  7. Emma W. #26c
    I believe that when Mrs.meeker quoted her husband, he/she meant that others have to die in order for others to live. I also believe, people who have been fighting for others lives, must pay for others mistakes

  8. Kimberlyn Knight #16c

    On page 167, Mrs. Meeker said in the words of her husband;” In war, the dead pay the debts for the living". In my words, it means to me that the soldiers who fight die, so the living can live free. They give their lives to clean up the messes made.